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Digital Vacuum Wax Injection System Wax Injection System Casting System
Digital Vacuum Wax Injection System D-VWIS
Digital Vacuum Wax Injection System
Wax Shrink Reduced byMultiple-Injection
Wax shrink is a big problem causing considerable metal loss and change of shape when polished. The solution is newly developed two-time injection system that minimizes the wax shrink.
AAC's Easy Operability and Accuracy by Memory
In the case of the conventional Auto Clamp, it was necessary to set Injection, Clamp, Forward pressure and Hold time manually at each injection. It was hard to set the four kinds of parameters precisely in a short time, so the parameter setting was not changed often enough. Therefore it was the cause of producing defective wax patterns and fluctuation of wax weight.

With the AAC, 10,000 combinations of injection parameters can be set into memory by inputting single digit of memory numbers for each Press 1, Press 2, Time (of starting Press 2), Clamp, Forward and Hold. It becomes possible to inject into thousands of different rubber molds with repeatability.

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