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Digital Vacuum Wax Injection System Wax Injection System Casting System
Digital Vacuum Wax Injector D-VWI
Digital Vacuum Wax Injector D-VWI
Features of Digital Vacuum Wax Injector D-VWI
Good filling. Vacuuming of the mold before injection ensures good filling for fine filigree and difficult designs.
Accurate temperature control. Wax tank temperature and nozzle temperature are individually controlled so that accurate injection temperature is obtained.
This model has a 99-hour "Heater-ON timer" so you can start injection work at a specific time. It will improve electricity cost and will increase efficiency.
Specifications of Digital Vacuum Wax Injector D-VWI
Power supply AC, 115 V model or 230 V model, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Power consumption 450 VA (Max.)
Compressed air supply 0.40 - 0.70 MPa
Temp. display range 40 - 99.9oC
Temp. set range 40 - 90.0oC
VAC time set range 0 - 12 0 - 12 sec.
INJ time set range 0 - 99.9 sec. / 0 - 600 sec. (Control range by AAC is 0 - 99.9 sec.)
Heater ON timer 0 - 99 hours
Wax capacity Approx. 3 Kg
Accuracy of nozzle temp. +/- 0.2oC
Dimensions 450 (W) x 310 (D) x 450 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 15.5 Kg
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