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Advanced Auto Clamp AAC
Advanced Auto Clamp AAC
Features of Advanced Auto Clamp AAC
Just place a mold on the clamp unit of the AAC, input digits, and press the START button, then the workcycle (clamp, forward the mold to the nozzle, receive wax, hold it until wax gets hard, and unclamp) will be done automatically.
The rubber mold is always aligned with the injection nozzle of the wax injector by the 'Lateral Flexibility Mechanism' of the AAC.
10 different parameters of PRESS 1, PRESS 2, TIME of starting press 2, CLAMP, FORWARD, HOLD time can be stored. From 10,000 combinations of wax shooting, you can choose the optimum combination easily.
Specifications of Advanced Auto Clamp AAC
Power supply AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Power consumption 50 VA (Max.)
Compressed air supply 0.25 - 0.30 MPa
Pressure sensor display range -5 - +240 kPa
Set range PRESS 1 (primary pressurization) 10 - 220 kPa
PRESS 2 (secondary pressurization) 10 - 220 kPa
TIME of starting press 0 - 99.9 sec.
Mold CLAMP 30 - 235 kPa
Mold FORWARD 65 - 235 kPa
Mold HOLD 0 - 300 sec.
Range of controlling
D-VWI setting
VAC time 0 - 99.9 sec.
INJ time 0 - 99.9 sec.
Memory number 0 to 9
CLAMP count 9999
Dimensions Clamp Unit 157 (W) x 223 (H) mm,extends only
150 mm from front of injector
Controller Box 160 (W) x 260 (D) x 145 (H) mm
Weight Clamp Unit Approx. 5 Kg
Controller Box Approx. 3 Kg
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