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Rotating Burnout Furnace RBF20
Rotating Burnout Furnace RBF20
UNIFORM HEAT TRANSFER: The Yasui RBF, evenly distributes the heat uniformly due to the displacement of air caused by the rotation. All the flasks are at the same distance from the heating coils ensuring consistent burnout.
ACCURATE TEMPERATURE: When your Burnout Furnace is at 650oC, open the door and look at the color of the heating coils. If they are orange/red, the temperature is far greater than the indicated temperature. Therefore, the part of the flask which faces the coil can get badly overheated and the flasks which are near the coils are at a higher temperature than the other flasks.
SAFETY BURNOUT FLASKS WITH DIAMONDS: If you are casting with diamonds in the wax process, you can put your flasks in the Yasui RBF without having to worry about uneven tempeatures burning the diamonds.
VARIABLE POWER HEATING: The heating power is automatically varied corresponding to each temperature zone so that pressure temperature control is achieved.
BURNOUT PLATINUM FLASKS IN YASUI RBF: The Yasui RBF can reach temperatures upto 950oC and is ideal for casters who require both Gold and Platinum.
DEWAX AND BURNOUT IN YASUI RBF: The melted wax is drained into a collecting pan ouside the heating chamber. Buying of an extra dewaxer is not required.
AFTERBURNER: This device neutralises all the fumes and smell caused in burnout, the exhaust systems are not required and pollution will not spread outside your factory.
MINIMAL HEAT LOSS WHILE OPENING THE DOOR: As the door width is not wide like normal burnout furnaces, the heat loss is much less than the temperature and hence the temperature does not fall much. Also, due to the flask recall system with memory number, the flask you want, is the flask you get at at the door. As the flasks are not stacked up in layers it is very easy and fast to load and unload the furnace.
TURNTABLE: Turntables are equipped for equalizing the burnout temperature on each flask. Turn tables give easy access to flasks when wtithdrawing them from the furnace.
Power AC 200 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 12 KVA
AC 380 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 13 KVA
AC 415 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 16 KVA
Timer Max. 9 days 23 hours 50 minutes
Burnout cycle Auto 6 steps / Manual
Memories 5 memories
Door Manual / Auto (w/foot switch)
Burnout Exhaust through afterburner. Original flue distribution burner system.
Self detection function Alarm message when heater wire breakage, overheat, or thermocouple breakage etc.happened, and operation is suspended automatically when necessary.
setting range
(Type M4) 950 ℃
(Type L4) 850 ℃
Furnace capacity 950 ℃ type 32 pcs(dia.76 mm), 21 pcs(dia.89 mm),15 pcs(dia.101 mm)
850 ℃ type 41 pcs(dia.76 mm), 28 pcs(dia.89 mm), 20 pcs(dia.101 mm)
Dimensions 820(W) X 990(D) X 1940(H) mm
Weight Approx. 250 Kg
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