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Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine VPC K2 For Gold, Silver, Brass, Pd WhiteGold .....
The "VPC K2" has been developed for medium or small production compared to the Yasui conventional "KT" series, and for customers who pursue genuine quality.
The K2 inherits the advantages of the Yasui conventional KT series which enable oxidation-free casting, stone in place casting, good filling and good ductility.
In 1990, the KT series introduced, to the jewellery industry, world-first computer-automated machines which enabled pressurization at vacuum casting, resulting in improvement of casting quality, and the KT series machines play a most active part at many casters around the world.
Advanced Single Gas System
Due to our recent study and development work, improvement of casting has become possible so that better casting result with single gas can be obtained by grading up vacuum efficiecy. Further, cost of gas can be saved.
Safety of a operator observing melting condition is secured. Unique pneumatic lock system works itself as a safety valve, so the machine is safe from abrupt lifting of the lid different from a mechanical lock system even when over-pressure happened.
Precise temperature controls with its PID control.
Filling in filigree and thin designs, is excellent.
Cracking is hard to occur. Good ductility.
Precise temperature control and oxygen-free system enable casting of heavy pieces.
Low temperature casting is possible, so yield ratio of stone-set casting can be improved.
Only push of start button, the K2 will do full automatic or semi-automatic casting in good result and high repeatability.
50 sets of programs can be set into memory. Each program comprises 8 kinds of casting parameters.
Casting atmosphere can be selected freely.
The internal dehumidifier keeps the interior of the machine at low humidity, so the electric circuits enjoy long-life.
Flask-lift function enables easy setting and withdrawing of a flask.
Normal perforated flask without flange can be used. You can put 40 to 50 percent more flasks than flange type of flasks to the burnout furnace.
Power AC 215 V +/-15%, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 9.5 KVA
Output Max. 8 KW
Weight Approx. 185 Kg
Dimensions 720(W) x 588(D) x 1219(H) mm
Maximum flask size 150 cc (2.3 Kg - 18 K)
Maximum casting amount 127φ x 230 mm
Maximum working temperature 1200 ℃ (K Type sensor )
1450 ℃ (R Type sensor )
Memory for casting program 50 kinds of memories
Shot-maker available (option)
Printer available (option)
  - Appearance and specification are subject to change without notice.-
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