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Vacuum Investing Machine VIM
Vacuum Investing Machine
Equipped with the "oil cleaner" that was firstly designed in the industry. By this, pump capability can be always maintained in like-new condition.
The high-power vibrator removes micron air bubbles.
The adjustment valve is provided for prevention of investment bubbling over the upper edge of the flask during degassing.
Bell jar of diameter 400 mm is available as optional accessary.
Power AC 200V, Three phase, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1 KVA
Bell jar capacity for flask
Flask size
Bell jar size
dia. 76
dia. 89
dia. 100
Standard dia.300 mm
7 pcs
5 pcs
4 pcs
Optional dia.400 mm
11 pcs
9 pcs
7 pcs
(Remarks: When flask without flange and Yasui Rubber Base are used)
Pump 500 liters/minute
Dimensions 1010 (W) (including rack) mm x 535 (D) mm x 1070 (H) (including standard bell jar) mm
Weight Approx.100 Kg
- Appearance and specification are subject to change without notice. -
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